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Voile Gin Bolero 7 (Copie)

à partir de 2583 €

Safety is paramount in a beginner’s wing, and the Bolero 7 is probably our most stable wing in terms of pitch and roll.

Size XS S M L
Flat surface (m2) 24.1 26.1 28.55 31.64
Flat elongation 4.77 4.77 4.77 4.77
GVW (kg) 65/90 75/100 85/110 100/130
Wing weight (kg) 4.30 4.58 5.10 5.55
Certification A A A A

The Bolero 7 marks a new stage in the Bolero series, incorporating our latest technological innovations. The result is a wing that, compared to its predecessor, is more forgiving and more fun to fly.

The Bolero 7 is perfect for the first formative years in a pilot’s career, from first steps to thermals and beyond, and for occasional or more experienced, safety-oriented pilots, it may even be the only wing they’ll ever need. The Boléro 7 offers a host of improvements over its predecessor, based on a completely new design concept:

– The new wing shape and arc give greater agility in turns while increasing roll stability.

– The 3rd generation Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) system further stabilizes the wing’s internal pressure, resulting in improved pitch stability and aerodynamic efficiency.

– Softer inflation for shooting

– Early take-off at low speeds

– Character “on the lookout for thermals”.

– New line layout, easier to inspect and less prone to tangling.

We recommend that you call us before placing an order (which is why stock is often marked 0), to make sure that the glider corresponds perfectly to your expectations and is still in stock. Don’t hesitate to call us on 06 50 33 61 10.