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Paragliding course

SIV/PILOTAGE (only in french)

The SIV (Stage Incidents de Vols) flight training courses will give you the weapons and experience to go flying with serenity and self-confidence.

From €460

Would you like to become more comfortable handling your paraglider?

Espace 3D offers you a piloting course in a safe environment, to give you better control of your paraglider and make your flights safer.

All pilots have shortcomings, and it’s important to iron them out, improve your body language, go further in the angles of inclination of your turns, and descend faster when necessary, so as to fly more accurately.

You will be supervised by a qualified instructor at take-off on the Col de la Forclaz site, for greater safety and efficiency.

Your flights will be guided by an instructor specializing in this type of teaching, who will accompany you during all your maneuvers.

You will be followed during your flight by a cameraman on the ground and guided by an instructor on board the boat.

Rescue parachutes are rarely used, but a good knowledge of how to use them, and how to operate them correctly, is essential.
Each flying session is individualized with exercises adapted to your level. At the end of the day, theory lessons are organized at the driving center.

All your flights are filmed, allowing you to optimize your progress. A briefing is given on site between each flight, and at the end of the day your exercises will be analyzed in greater detail using video.

Worth knowing:

If you’re flying a 2-line wing, you’ll need to have taken a previous course.
This type of equipment represents an additional difficulty, and does not allow for closure control exercises.
If you’ve never had this training before, you’ll be asked to bring suitable equipment: 3 lines minimum to enable you to complete a proper course, otherwise your training will be severely limited.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Tout savoir sur votre stage

Pour qui ?

This course is aimed at autonomous pilots wishing to improve their skills in areas such as flight incident management and pure piloting.

Matériel ?

  • CEN-approved sails
  • Harness with back protection
  • Emergency parachute, recently packed
  • Approved helmet and radio (charged)

Site de vol ?

The driving course takes place exclusively on Lake Annecy.
A dedicated area and a reserved landing will enable you to make the most of your progress.


Maxime Chiron, experienced instructor and recognized pilot, accompanied by a state-certified instructor for take-offs.






Group of 8 pilots already formed

Free videos of your flights

Facilité de paiement en 2 ou 3 fois sans frais

En cas de blessures ou maladie avant le stage. Sous présentation d’un certificat médical vous pourrez reporter votre stage ou être rembourser à 100%

What if the weather isn't fine on the day of the course?

Nous avons conscience que certains de nos élèves viennent dans la région uniquement pour le stage. Afin de garantir l’atteinte de l’objectifs du séjour, des apports théoriques et des cours seront quand même donnés.

The alternation between theory and practice is adapted to the weather (days are flexible). There’s a lot to teach you.

Nous vous garantissons des jours de report en cas d’impossibilité de vol

Suis-je en sécurité durant le stage ?

Our equipment complies with current standards and is regularly upgraded.

A boat is permanently available to pick you up should you pull the reserve parachute.

Our life jackets are recent and regularly tested for your safety.




Great flight incident course with Maxime despite the capricious conditions.


Don’t forget to book early, places are at a premium at Espace 3D. Professional and personalized internship


I would definitely come back for an SIV course. Perfect condition, we were able to make 3 flights and a debriefing at the end of the day to prepare for the next day. 

Stage parapente

SIV/PILOTAGE (only in french)

460€ – 690€

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