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Paragliding course

PROGRESSION (only in french)

Have you just completed an introductory paragliding course or have you done paragliding before? Welcome to the paragliding progression course.

from €312

Learn to fly autonomously and take your skills to the next level!

You’ll fly on the Montmin site (900m altitude difference) and carry out educational exercises, guided by instructors, discover the Savoyard relief by exploring the Bauges regional natural park, exploit ascents and, as the flights progress, become more autonomous.

It’s a great moment!
After the initiation, flying a paraglider in a progression course is a very interesting stage of the training, because you feel the progress with each flight.

You’ll discover a multitude of data and possible combinations, linked to weather, aerology, piloting, choice of sites… and all this thanks to the advice, theory and practice provided by our instructors.

Step by step, build up your experience as an autonomous pilot (FFVL pilot’s license level).

Tout savoir sur votre stage

Pour qui ?

Pour les élèves sortis du stage initiation. People wishing to get back into the harness, with at least one long flight accompanied by radio but alone under sail.

Matériel ?

Voile homologuée CEN, sellette et parachute, casque et radio.

Site de vol ?

Annecy and its lake, Bauges massif, Combe de Savoie, …


Ces stages sont encadrés par deux moniteurs diplômés d’état, expérimentés, possédant une formation très complète.

School equipment hire: €10/day

With personal equipment

312 €

With personal equipment


With personal equipment


With personal equipment


Facilité de paiement en 2 ou 3 fois sans frais

En cas de blessures ou maladie avant le stage. Sous présentation d’un certificat médical vous pourrez reporter votre stage ou être rembourser à 100%

And if the weather isn't good on the day of the flight?

Nous avons conscience que certains de nos élèves viennent dans la région uniquement pour le stage. Afin de garantir l’atteinte de l’objectifs du séjour, des apports théoriques et des cours seront quand même donnés.

The alternation between theory and practice is adapted to the weather (days are flexible). There’s a lot to teach you.

Nous vous garantissons des jours de report en cas d’impossibilité de vol

Suis-je en sécurité durant le stage ?

Our equipment is new and renewed every 3 months, and you are always supervised by instructors who are among the best paragliders in France. Nous nous limitons à un nombre de participant stricte pour éviter le surnombre.

Et si j'ai le vertige ?

From the moment the feet leave the ground, the brain no longer thinks in 3 dimensions, removing the sensation of vertigo that comes with flying.



A great experience on my introductory course.
The team is very serious and sympathetic as well as attentive to the safety of its students which is very reassuring and important for the beginning. I can’t wait to come back and do other courses. progress.


High-performance, high-quality school. A top-notch team, smiling, quality service, and we were really well received on both the tandem and school sides. High-quality teaching!

Thibaldosaurus rex

Top school
I took a progression course at Espace 3d. Everything is perfect!
Calm and professional instructor. Nickel-plated hardware. Optimum ambience.
Don’t hesitate!

Stage parapente

PROGRESSION (only in french)

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