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ADVANCE Easiness 3 harness

891 €

An ideal harness for trekking, very comfortable in the air and just as comfortable on your back, with numerous pockets for all your hiking gear.

Size S M L
Pilot size (cm) 155-172 165-183 178-202
Backpack volume (L) 46 50 58
Belly strap width 43 44 45
Weight with protector (kg) 2.25 2.3 2.4
Weight with backside cover (kg) 1.75 1.8 1.9

Universal use, double the comfort and functionality: thanks to its modular construction, the new lightweight, reversible EASINESS 3 harness can accompany you on the most varied of free-flight adventures, whether you’re hike & fly, thermalling or traveling. The removable air bag with integrated rescue container ensures maximum safety, while a host of clever details round off this new product.


Does this backpack really contain a paraglider? That’s a question you’ll have to get used to, given the EASINESS 3’s streamlined look. And it’s not just the thigh straps and air bag that make the package look light and compact: these are real features. Available from 1.75kg, including carabiners and rucksack, the harness weighs 500g more with its own air bag and integrated rescue container with connecting strap.


Attached with zippers and bullet toggles, the airbag merges with the harness to form a homogeneous whole. In transport mode, the EASINESS 3 harness is transformed into a backpack perfectly suited to the mountains, with removable belt, helmet net and pole or ice axe attachment.


Ergonomically shaped back support and wide shoulder straps ensure great carrying comfort when climbing; in flight, the 3D-formed seat envelope, long leg straps and perfectly distributed gas pedal forces ensure pleasant, relaxed flying. The backpack and back compartment offer ample space, as well as a pocket accessible in both modes of use, for an even more comfortable package.

e recommend that you call us before placing an order (that’s why stock is often marked 0), to make sure that the harness corresponds perfectly to your expectations and is still in stock. Don’t hesitate to call us on 06 50 33 61 10.